A Lifestyle Beer

Berliner Weisse with Yerba Mate and Guayusa teas with Papaya

This is a mix culture sour fermented in stainless for about 3 weeks at high temps. The fermentation produces complex citrus and tropical fruit flavors along with a bright sour edge. The papaya flavors and light sweetness carry the finish and compliment the faint tannins from the teas.

Appearance: Straw/yellow complexion, little to no head with quick dissipation, slightly see-through, slightly hazy

Aroma: Lemony, funky, herbaceous, complex

Mouthfeel/Body: Dry, crisp, super carbonated, washes away

Flavor: Enjoyably acidic, lemony-tea notes, underripe tropical melon in finish, fresh

Overall Impression: a dry refreshingly tart, with a harmony of dry apple and tropical ripe melon. A easy drinking beer for patio season.