Ame No Uzume

Saison with Japanese Sansho Peppercorns and Indian Coriander

Ame no Uzume is a Saison brewed in collaboration with Alisha Jones of Immortal Milk. Alisha is the cheesemonger here at Marz and is a well recognized monger in Chicago and beyond! When formulating the recipe for this beer we wanted to create a beer that was unique and that would pair very well with a range of food and more specifically cheese.

We ended up tasting through a large variety of spices and peppercorns to determine what would meld best with the yeast strain and give us the profile for cheese pairings. Ultimately we ended up choosing Japanese Sansho peppercorns and Indian coriander.

For the grain bill we opted for Belgian Pilsner malt alongside heavy doses of malted and flaked wheat for an ultra soft, pillowy mouthfeel and fermented with a classic saison strain. The blend of the spices alongside that estery profile of the yeast birthed us a beautiful beer. The beer has your typical clove like profile with some banana notes but the blend of coriander and sansho lends notes of pepper, orange slices, and underlying notes of soft lemon and lime citrus.