Foeder Aged Saison with Michigan Peaches

Blossom is our mix cultured foeder saison aged on Michigan Peaches. In mid 2019 we brewed a small beer into a Missouri Oak Foeder and fermented it with a mix of classic saison strains and Brett cultures for 7 months before racking it onto 500# of fresh peaches from our friends at Mick Klug farms.

The beer aged on the fruit for an additional 5 months before being packaged and conditioned in this bottle. Brewed with just Pilsner malt, wheat malt, and a small dose of noble hops. The result is an ultra delicate beer that is soft and carries an elegant white peach presence accompanied by a light funkiness. Mild acidity is present with a pleasantly high carbonation that makes this beer perfect for time in the sun with friends.