Blueberry Jungle Boogie

Pale Wheat Ale with Blueberry

We haven’t made Jungle Boogie with Blueberry for years. We just packaged a batch and its on draft at the Iron Street Mothership. Coming to LOMCC next week.
Jungle Boogie isn’t your typical wheat beer–which is why it consistently ranks among the top wheat beers in the world. Instead of a light and bready cracker profile, Jungle Boogie uses a grain bill of mixed wheat to provide a body of light caramel and amber sweetness. That sweetness provides the platform for the fruity Rooibos tea to build a tower full of ripe stone fruit. Finishing the fermentation with a minimal dry hop of Mosaic further buttresses the fruity characteristics of the tea, while providing a lightning rod to unite the whole with a vibrant current of bright flavor.