Comiski Park

West Coast Style IPA

Comiski Park is named in homage to the baseball stadium that used to be down the block from us. Old school fans know what we are talking about and still call the current park that; no matter which corporation decides to buy the naming rights.

Comiski Park is also a style of beer that is now considered old school, even though it was the dominant style of IPA less than ten years ago.

West Coast IPAs are known for their bold hop aroma, high bitterness, and citrus and piney notes. They’re typically brewed with higher amounts of hops in the boil kettle, which leads to the high bitterness, and a mid-palate hop flavor with a super clear appearance.

Comiski Park is a dry one with a bitterness most IPA drinkers have become unfamiliar with. Here’s to the old days!