Dank Grass

Gluten-reduced IPA

It’s time for some Dank Grass. Dank Grass is crafted without gluten from a mash of corn, malted oats, and sorghum at 5% ABV. We then added vic secret, citra and el dorado hops to the whirlpool for this beer to limit bitterness and create a hazy tropical, slightly dry finish. Get ready for the dankest of the dank gluten-reduced IPAs.

*Consumption not recommended for people with celiac disease

  • Appearance: Yellow-golden, crystal complexion like that of a clear lager 
  • Aroma: Grainy malt with flecks of maize, earthy/resiny, bouquet or spruce and pine needles
  • Mouthfeel/Body: Crisp, clean, carbonated, easy 
  • Flavor: Initial, quick lick of malt sweetness that quickly transitions into a sharp, spicy, full hop flavor and accompanying bitterness
  • Overall Impression: A beer that doesn’t allow its process to be a hindrance, providing a fully satisfying beer drinking experience for our gluten-sensitive Marz brethren 

Meet the collaborator

Kenneth Lian

Designer Artist, New York, NY