Dilliner Weiss

Berliner Weisse with Dill and Red Pepper Flakes

A collaboration with Publican Quality Meats, we brewed a beer designed to perfectly compliment their exquisite meat selection, be it a porchetta or some perfectly sliced Pastrami.

Dilliner Weiss takes the form of a Berliner Weisse with dill and red pepper flakes. We like to think of this beer as having an I-beam structure: the first wave is the classic white-wine tartness of a Berliner, then the dill comes in at a 90-degree angle, and the red pepper flakes enter at another 90-degree angle to clean up the mouthfeel and leave the pallet ready to do the whole thing again.

This isn’t a “pickle beer” but it sure goes well with one. We just dare you not to pair this with a beautiful sammy.