Dimensional Voyage

New England India Pale Ale

It’s a new era for Marz as we embark on expanding our reach throughout the known universe. For this journey we have recruited an old friend, Space Pirate Captain Marzlock. His mission: to explore the cold reaches of space to find the finest in intergalactic hops for us to use in our brews.

His first discovery helped us create Dimensional Voyage, a New England Style IPA. It’s made with Makinac and Comet hops cultivated in hop pod farms orbiting around planet Earth manned by @landlockedhops . And then we threw in little bit of that Citra hop to keep it tropical.

  • Appearance: hazy, orange juice like; Very opaque frothy head with a decent retention
  • Aroma: BIG Dank Tropical, Citrus, melon and papaya
  • Mouthfeel: Creamy, carbonation, silk-like and fluffy with a bit spice from coming from Makinac Hop
  • Flavor: juicy and citrus forward with huge melon and papaya flavors that are well-balanced by a pleasantly bitter and relatively dry finish
  • Overall Impression: Very good fruitiness Balanced with a Danky backbone that slightly lingers extremely drinkable.