Downtown IPA

India Pale Ale

Uptown in The Penthouse. Downtown With the Mob. Downtown was inspired by Heaven 17, the 80s band that made the best synthpop ever…

“Here comes the daylight, here comes my job. Uptown in the penthouse or downtown with the mob. Here comes the night time, here comes my role. Goodbye to the pavement, hello to my soul”- Penthouse and Pavement

  • Appearance: Orange copper, quality head retention with tight bubbles, no haze, clear, casual lacing
  • Aroma: Nice measured American citrus hop aroma (tangerine coming through), piney/resiny, bready, slight bread crust (potentially Munich or Crystal malts utilized)
  • Mouthfeel/Body: Medium carb and body, easy going, balanced
  • Flavor: Measured bitterness, not pronounced or long lasting, bread crust coming through again, finishes and hangs around with a pleasant tongue smacking piney/resiny hop flavor
  • Overall Impression: Balanced, smooth, bread crusty, piney, citrusy, everyday IPA, a classic, every aspiring dad bod’s go to beer, flavor profile is where IPA started and where it should stay