Duchess De Bridgeport

Dark Sour Ale

A Southside sour red ale brewed with our proprietary souring bacteria and red currants. Duchess De Bridgeport is our take on a non-barrel aged Flanders red. Notes of strawberry, dried fruit, and citric hops intermingle with a round lactic sourness.

  • Appearance: Red, Murky look. foamy red head that quickly dissipate with no lace
  • Aroma: musy dark cherry notes,Tobacco also deep chocolate with hint of red vinegar
  • Mouthfeel: Medium body, super dry with a good dose of tart and not aggressively acidic.
  • Flavor: very sharp, nice acidity intense dark fruit with a cherry jam sweetness.
  • Overall: this beer has a bright acid kick with sweetness and a fair amount of tannins (thanks to the Currants in the beer) that make you want more.