Endless Odyssey

New England Style IPA

We sent Space Pirate Captain Marzlock on a mission to comb the vast reaches of the lupulin galaxy for the cosmic crystals of flavor. Charged with raiding AB inBorg affiliated hop constellations and creating new brews on ultra gravity planetary systems, he returns unscathed.

His latest liquid journey is called Endless Odyssey and is a 7% abv IPA loaded with Idaho 7, Citra and Sabro Hops. A container has landed at Port Marz and will be distributed to your local sector drinking pod soon.

Our cicerone lab techs and analysts describe the beer as thus:

Appearance: Hazed yellow with orange star system hues, meringue-like white frothy head, pleasant, attractive lacey on glassware

Aroma: Big tropical fruit hop aroma, hard candy, sugar sweet citrus, punchy tangerine, lightest of malt sweetness as well

Mouthfeel/Body: Medium low to medium carb, pillowy-soft medium-full body, smooth, mouth-coating, almost smoothie-like in the best way

Flavor: Tropical/juicy hop bomb, low to no acidity, just enough crackery malt notes to balance out the hop-forward nature, ripe/resiny-tangerine bitterness in finish, measured hop bitterness lingers and makes itself at home in palette for a while

Overall Impression: Tropical, deceptively easy-drinking haze bomb, tastes like you picked it fresh off a palm tree in your outer space cabana. Houston, we have no problem drinking this.