Forever Friends

DDH Double IPA

This summer we released so many ice tie dyed shirts it felt like the Summer of Love again here at Marz.

After a few shirt releases for the beers Talking to Plants and Singing to Plants, one of our silent investors and Chicago’s Master Ice Dye Sensei Jim Dye decided to form their own clothing company called Forever Friends by Jim and Reuben to share their ICE TIE DYE vibes with the rest of the world.

To commemorate this feat of ice-dye fashion Jim and Reuben asked us to make a hoppy beverage that can be enjoyed during all-night dye sessions and, eventually, together among Forever Friends everywhere. So this is it. A big hazy double dry hopped double IPA coming at 7.2%.

We couldn’t color the beer with dye of course, so we did the next best thing. We hopped this bad boy with truck loads of Amarillo, BRU-1, and El Dorado. Heavy swirls of citrus and pineapple are present throughout the beer with a pleasant grapefruit pop hitting ya in the back of the pallet.

It may be winter soon but the Summer of Love can go on forever as you wear all the colors with the help of Jim and Reuben and this beer.