Go Fo Mo

Hazy IPA with Mosaic and Honey

Many of the Marz Community Brewing staff have haunted the barstools of Go Tavern next to Shorty. So it was only natural that we decided to brew a beer together.

Now, if there’s one thing Marz and Go Tavern have in common, it’s a love of fresh beer. And if there are TWO things we have in common it’s a love for Mosaic hops. Which is why we decided to brew a hazy IPA loaded to the brim with Mosaic–and then we added some Mo! We also threw in some honey into the mix. The result is a 7% NE IPA with front-to-back dark fruit Mosaic character, with just a touch of classic west coast bitterness and enough honey to provide a sweet mouthfeel and aftertaste.