Karaoke Kitty on Marz

Double Dry Hopped India Pale Ale

Earlier this summer, we went to Brooklyn and made a beer with Kings County Brewers Collective called Kung Fu Karaoke. Following the karaoke battle, our friends at KCBC landed on Marz to brew the sequel – Karaoke Kitty on Marz, a Double Dry Hopped IPA at 7% ABV.

Karaoke Kitty is a super dank, tropical hazy with zero bitterness owing to the lack of hops in the boil–whirlpool and dry-hop additions only! Its creamy body and touch of sweetness from the honey malts make it the perfect beer to soothe the vocal chords before taking the stage at Karaoke on Marz. In a blind taste testing, 3 out of 4 dentists couldn’t tell the difference between this and their breakfast juice, and the fourth had just brushed her teeth so she doesn’t count.