Kitsune Dreamer

India Pale Ale

Introducing Tanuki Juice’s sister beer: Kitsune Dreamer! Kitsune is a 7.5% ABV IPA

We were inspired by the Shinto fox deity, Kitsune. The white fox is a good omen and spirit with the ability to ward off evil. Likewise, this little beauty’s super citrusy, piney, and berry-ending profile is sure to dispel any bad energy that may be looming over you. Consider this an omen!

This beer has a nice medium body with a bit of caramel from some crystal malt. Brewed with Cryo Cascade, Idaho 7, Amarillo, and Citra hops, we were dreaming of summer days and old IPAs when we came up with this one. Enjoy Kitsune with some of the Fox Spirit’s favorite foods like fried tofu or savory noodle dishes!🍥