Fruited Ale with Cranberries, Raspberry and Hibiscus

Named in honor of Saint Nick’s more punitive-minded, goat-demon counterpart, every Krampusnacht the eponymous figure stalks from house to house punishing naughty children, swatting them with ruten and stuffing them into his bag to carry them back to hell. To escape his clutches and throw him off our scent, we created this smooth and fruity wale suffused with raspberry, cranberry and hibiscus.

Its big cranberry notes and flaked-oat creamy mouthfeel compels him to skip our house and move on to the next. Sure, after a cuppa two or tree ox horns we might be half in the bag, but at least we won’t be in Krampus’ bag–he doesn’t even have pretzels in there!

Save the date! This year we celebrate Krampusnacht on on December 2nd at the Marz mothership. The Krampus marching band and a Krampus Market are planned.