Lonesome Rose

Amber Lager

Lonesome Rose is an amber lager brewed for our pals at Lonesome Rose. Nice notes of caramel, fresh baked bread and biscuits, with a nice balanced malty body.

Appearance: Amber-copper with licks of orange, light tan/beige head that refuses to go away, attractive lace edges

Aroma: Nutty, biscuity, fresh out of the oven, golden-brown-delicious with a light honey sugar glaze, warming and inviting, cozy

Mouthfeel/Body: Smooth as silk, light carbonation, sessionable, velvety, refreshing

Flavor: Full bread basket, caramel, nice, late hop character to wake the palette up and provide balance to malt richness

Overall Impression: Toasted bread with caramel spread, fresh out of the oven and into your glass for your imbibing pleasure, courtesy of Marz x Lonesome Rose

Meet the collaborator

Drew Ryan

Designer , Chicago, IL