Lumpen IPA

Hazy IPA

A lumpen: a low, contemptible portion or a group or people who draws ire for their shiftlessness, lack of productivity, or other alienable traits. It is also the name of a local, counter-cultural magazine who’s intent is to give a voice to that group of people. As we celebrate the anniversary of a new year of Lumpen Magazine, we decided to update our original Lumpen IPA to fit the voice of the beer drinkers of today and tomorrow. As such, we hazified and tweaked our original recipe, creating a 7% haze lumpen full of Amarillo, Green Ghost, and Wai-ti–a New Zealand hop of the future. Full of verdant tropical fruit flavor, the new and improved Lumpen IPA will certainly draw ire from classical beer drinkers for its juicy turbidity–and for the shame they’ll feel when they can’t deny it’s amazing flavor.