Marz Blanc

White Wine Barrel Aged Wild Ale

Introducing the queen of Saison season… Marz Blanc. ‪Nine months ago we added grapes used to make wine that we purchased at a seasonal grapes purveyor from Bridgeport to a barrel aged saison. It’s finally ready to be consumed!

Marz Blanc is a blend of mix fermentation Saison that have aged in barrels and Foeder for 24 months. This saison is brewed with relatively simple grain bill of Pilsner, white wheat, and a ton of unmalted wheat. We ferment this with a clean yeast strain and our house Brett strain. Our house strain brings pineapple, funk, and a bit of citrus to the beer. Following this primary fermentation we racked the beer on top of Muscat and Thompson grapes for an additional fermentation. .
The grapes contribute a soft, floral element. They add subtle notes of lychee, orange blossom, and white grape that you would typically find in wines that utilize these grapes. Along side our house Brett strain these grapes create a very unique, but funky beer.