Marz Dry IPA

Brut IPA

This is a Brut IPA. No, that doesn’t mean it’s made with leftover Champagne from your New Years party, or your Dad’s favorite cologne.

This means that we brewed a beer whose fermentation was designed to have every scrap of sugar in the wort eaten by the yeast and converted to beer. And the triple-aught final gravity means there’s as much left over sugar in this brew as a glass of water. Which is to say that this beer delivers on massive tropical fruit flavors from the dry hopping of Idaho 7 and El Dorado while leaving your palette clean and clear after each sip.

It’s not the pretzels that are making you thirsty, its the Dry IPA—which, thank god there’s still some left in your glass so you can take another sip. And if not, looks like you’ll just have to get another!