Marz IPL

India Pale Lager

Marz IPL: 5.5%, is an India Pale Lager made for session players.

Profile by our Beer Ambassadors Tim and Alex:

Appearance: Beautiful straw-golden complexion with orange hues, slightly see through with a lick of dry-hopped haze, frothy, white head with crater-like bubbles, bright and striking, a looker for sure

Aroma: Floral/spice hop aroma, slight pleasant lager yeast funk, comfortable bready/white crackery malt character like a classic lager

Mouthfeel/Body: Clean, light body, refreshing carbonation, very high/probably dangerous drinkability

Flavor: Spicy and citrus hop flavor smashing together, piney/earthy snap of bitterness in prolonged finish, combining with fresh cracked, grainy malt notes

Overall Impression: Absolute crusher, the clean, crisp character of your go-to lager with the bite of sustaining bitterness to remind you its got some IPA in it. A beer that makes you want another one as you’re less than halfway done with your first.