Marz Mate with Lemon

Yerba Mate

Marz Mate is a naturally caffeinated, antioxidant rich, lightly sweetened sparkling herbal tea with a hint of citrus.

Yerba Mate tastes like a tea and hits you like a coffee — and yet, it’s technically neither. If you’re looking for a boost of energy that doesn’t come from coffee beans, then try our  awesome new non alcoholic beverage made of the steeped leaves and twigs of an indigenous plant from South America.

Yerba Mate, which translates to “gourd herb,  is hailed  as an energy booster, means for weight loss, concentration, and better digestion.  We like it because it gives us positive vibrations when we need to keep on keeping on.

Meet the collaborator

Jeremiah Chiu

Designer, Los Angeles, CA

Jeremiah Chiu is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer, artist, and musician.