Marz Meta

Functional Sparkling Beverage - 140mg Caffeine

The future is here. Glancing up from your luminous digital flux HOLODISPLAY, you feel the cortex fog rolling in. Generative sleep mode seems like an ever near compromise for the current condition. But you have another 6 hours of gig tasks that you’ve already auto confirmed. What could possibly keep your augmented scanner pupils open for another second? Suddenly an auto message pops into your neurovision network, a possible fix for this pesky never-ending sub energy issue – Marz Meta: designed to reduce internal RAM overload, improve neural pathway efficiency, and regulate mainframes back to stasis. Pear, ginger and chrysanthemum create the ideal taste score of 98000 YumPoints – these are the long lost earth ingredients your great grandmother used to talk about. Your optical sensors kick open wider and you realize this could do the trick. With one click the beverage arrives in the pneumatic tube beside your desk. Grabbing the alloy canister and downing it with your last fragments of energy. Your system has normalized and right back to task hacking you go. “Thanks Marz!” you say to yourself as your orbiter floats distantly over Olympic Mans.

Marz Meta is a carefully concocted smart beverage of the future featuring refreshing Michigan bartlett pear with ginger and chrysanthemum. Adaptogenic rhodiola rosea normalizes body stresses with chrsanthemum to help you chill, and ginger root to support digestion. Nootropics caffeine and L Theanine help self-modulate energy and calm for the perfect body balance.