Berliner Weisse Style Ale with Peach Pits

Noyaux is our second collaboration with Chef Erika Chan. The Idea for this beer began back in June to make a beer with the pits of peaches and not the actual fruit. Here at Marz we brewed a wild ale with 200 pounds of Michigan peaches from Mick Klug Farm and this is where about half of our pits came from. The other half came from Hoosier Mama Pie and Erika. We ended with about 400 pounds total of peach pits. Traditionally, you can heat and steep the pits to extract an almond like marzipan flavor. We took our pits and boiled them while making our berliner weisse base. You can expect a fairly tropical aroma with some lighter nutty almond notes lingering. The beer itself is nice and tart with heavy notes of stone fruit and cherry. This is one of the most unique beers we’ve made and we’re very excited to share it with you!