Sour Ale with Prickly Pear

  • Appearance: Mixture of golden and orange/reddish notes, clear, completely see through, tiny crystal bubbles popping through, head dissipating right away, appearance of rose or cider
  • Aroma: Bright, candied watermelon, powdery raspberry notes, aroma prepares yourself for some level of tart/acid, dry, crushed watermelon jolly rancher dust
  • Mouthfeel/Body: Dry, medium to mid high, low body, super refreshing, clean,
  • Flavor: Not sharply acidic, a nice tart bite, strawberry and watermelon sugar, not cloying, sickly sweet,
  • Overall Impression: Summer beer through and through, floating in a desert oasis crushing two of these (or in this case a kiddie pool inside on your company zoom call during the death of winter in Chicago)