Strawberry Milkshake DIPA with Lactose and Vanilla

Our friends from Illuminated Brew Works took a short trip south to help us brew this homage to the pig that almost became president—50 years before a certain somehow-more-piggish candidate actually did become president. This is another beer commemorating the 50-year anniversary of the year 1968 and what could be a better way to honor the Yippies of the Youth International Party’s riotously funny, anarchic, and curiously-foreboding theatrical gesture than by brewing a very theatrical brew?

The answer: impeachment, but as that’s not exactly within our current capabilities we’ll stick with the brew instead. This latest foray into the world of Milkshake DIPAs sees us using a heaping amount of organic strawberry purée, and adding a healthy portion of vanilla to the dry hop profile of Styrian Wolf, Cashmere and Belma. You just might want to write in this beer on your next ballot; or at least have one after you cast your vote.