Santa’s Cookie Duster

Barleywine with Cascara

SCD is a 9% ABV Barleywine fermented in our new foeder!

This was the first brew we did in our new foeder (name pending), stripping out beautiful wood flavoring and leaving the foeder coated with sugars so the yeast strains will have something sweet to chew on for our future wild brews. Once brewed, we added Cascara, the dried berries of the coffee plant that remain after the coffee beans have been collected from within, to add additional sweetness and cherry flavoring. The result is a beautiful barleywine with a moderate helping of fruit flavoring and just a touch of wood character, making it a perfect beverage to help keep Santa warm while giving him a little pick-me-up.

We do not recommend dusting and sleighing though. Nor do the reindeer.