Tulip Mania


February 1637, not a tulip bulb was safe in the Dutch Republic. A fever pitch gripped the people, madly buying up any and all tulip bulbs available, and for wildly high prices. And thus we had our first economic bubble.

As students of history, we couldn’t help but draw some comparisons from the Tulip Mania to the Haze Craze going on right now (or the AI stock frenzy) . So we decided to brew a beer both as an homage to that craze, and as a willful participant, exacerbating the mania even further!

Tulip Mania is an 8.7% Hazy DIPA Double Dry-Hopped with Land Comet, Mosaic, and Nelson Sauvin. Loaded with gooseberry, mango, papaya, and tangerine flavors, this beer is meant to be enjoyed in–you guessed it–a tulip glass.

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