Wet Hop IPA

Wet Hopped India Pale Ale

This is our first wet hop beer, with Mackinac hops grown and harvested by our friends at Land Locked hops in Loda, IL.

Wet hop or “Harvest IPAs” are beloved by brewers as special once-a-year brews, adding fresh hop cones to a beer that were picked the same day. These beers fill the brewery with incredible aromas and provides a preview of hops that are then pelletized and used for the coming year.

Some of the aromatics of the hops that would normally be lost during the cone drying process become a special ingredient in the beer.

The Mackinac this year has some pineapple and tropical flavors backed by some pine that we blended with Centennial and Columbus dry hops for a little added west coast punch.

The base beer is on the lighter side with a simple mix of pilsner and wheat malts to bring full focus to the hops. Keep cold and drink this one today!