Wild Ale with Strawberries and Lactose

Time for some tummy magic!

The active ingredient in Yakult, your favorite nonfat probiotic, is a little bacteria called lactobacillus, which beer fans might recognize as one of the strands of wild yeast used to brew sour beers.As our house lactobacillus was originally harvested from a similar source (yogurt), we decided to brew this wild ale in honor of our probiotic roots, adding organic strawberry puree to achieve that classic Yakult flavor.

Despite the hefty ABV, this beer has a surprisingly delicate body reminiscent of a rosé. More sweet than sour, the initial acidity quickly mellows to a fruity tanginess and leaves the pallet with a touch of funk.

Unpasteurized, so you can enjoy this beer AND get some of that tummy-time goodness.