Yellow River Pils

Dry-Hopped American Pilsner

Get out your jugs!

‪In 2013 Tim Heidecker‘s band, The Yellow River Boys released their first album, Urinal St. Station on Drag City Records. This critics response was swift and unanimous: Finally someone was giving voice to those Americans for whom refreshment is a yellow foamy formula. Careful listeners can still hear Vice’s 2013 album of the year proudly playing from honkey tonks, truck stops, and clubs that are “in the know” all across this great nation of ours. .

We’re proud of our Yellow River Pils, a dry hopped American Pilsner at 5.3% ABV. It is light and crisp, with a clean malt character and low bitterness, featuring subtle notes of black pepper and spice.

Yellow River Pils is best enjoyed when drank hot from a dog bowl or trough. Slurp it up!