The Skewers Invitational!

July 27, 2024

3-6 PM!

To celebrate the beauty and simplicity of the art of making Skewers we present Marz’s 1st Skewers Invitational.

This new annual food event features skewered meats and vegetables from souvlaki to kebabs, satay, yakitori and more.

Ever since humans learned to use fire we have enriched our diet by roasting meat and vegetables over coals and fire. This timeless method of cooking things on thin pieces of wood and metal has become an art form and it’s our favorite kind of Bar B Q.

We have invited a dozen awesome chefs and legendary skewer masters to participate in this charcoal bar b q at the Marz Mothership. They will each prepare a tasting portion of a skewer (1-2 bites) TICKETS!

Participants include:

Matthias Merges
Mi Tocaya
Three Little Pigs
Pink Salt
Tony B
Grumpy Skewers
Meze Table
Dozzy’s Grill

Admission to The Skewers Invitational is $50. You will receive 12 tickets to enjoy each chef’s skewer and receive a Marz beer or beverage. Check in with your name at the entrance to receive your drink and food tickets.

Proceeds from the event will go to Lumpen Radio, Chicago’s Low Power FM Community Radio Station on 105.5FM and streaming at lumpenradio.com

The grills used at The Skewers Invitational are provided by Daze Off!