Cryo Flayer 9.99


For the last few months, a gang of intrepid adventurers have been sharpening their axes in preparation for trudging into the bowels of Portsbridge to take on the Fervent in this year’s annual Level Eater competition, held every year at Co-Prosperity Sphere in homage to RPGs.

To honor this annual celebration, our dark elves harnessed all of their mana to brew another heavy-hitting, triple dry-hopped, hazy Double IPA. Their magical elixir will be a treat for the victors, a juicy potion meant to conjure images of strawberry-mango sorbet dusted with pineapple Dip-N-Dots.

Roll 8 or higher on your D12 to evade the dreaded Styrian Wolf; use your potion to protect yourself from the Green Ghost. Beware the Mosaic Cryo monster. And you must make a constitution or charisma saving throw to quaff copious amounts of this bracing brew. Glory to the Level Eater, indeed!

Meet the collaborator

Paul Nudd

Artist, Chicago, IL

Shy and introverted maker of many drawings, paintings, prints and videos.