Snake Accident Stout

Imperial Milk Stout

Our friends at Snake Accident are a merry gang of musical marauders, on a mission to raid the industry on behalf of overlooked and under-served artists. They’ve worked with everyone from Kanye West, Death Grips, and CupcakKe to Grave Digger, The Rock and Jeff Bridges. Selecting the finest music to pair with the finest imagery, and now, the finest brews. On behalf of starving artists everywhere, we’ve joined forces with Snake Accident as a “punch up to The Big Guys”

Together we’ve crafted a delicious post-punch remedy:

Snake Accident Stout

It’s a Double Milk Stout with Cocao Nibs designed to soothe that throbbing fist with velvety, chocolate goodness–like a glass of liquified brownies.

No Gods / No Masters / 11% ABV