Sour Power

July 8, 2023


It’s time to pucker up ! Sour Power is a celebration of sour and fermented food and drinks. Guests will be able to enjoy a wide variety of natural, sour and fermented products made locally and beyond.

Marz will be showcasing a range of their sour and spontaneously fermented beverages. A special sour power bar will be plying some cocktails and drinks made just for the day. The beverage program includes wild and sour ales, drinks like shrubs, kombuchas, agua frescas, switchels ciders and more. A market of sour and fermented food vendors, shrub masters, sauce engineers, and kombucha whisperers will also be selling their stuff.

Sour Power will take place both indoors and outdoors with workshops on on how to make your own pickles, kimchee, kombucha, shrub sodas and more. Full list of participants will be released in July.

Featuring DJs from Lumpen Radio and live musical sets By Mr 666 and Dave McDonnells’s 5th World .