Synth Fest 2024!

March 1, 2024

Synth Fest
March 1-9, 2033
Marz Mothership + Life on Marz Community Club
Free admission

Our love of electronic and synthesizer made music inspired us to host and create Synth Fest, a showcase of Chicagoland’s amazing and diverse electronic music scene!

Live performances will be held at both of our taprooms and admission is free to all the shows!
We are also hosting our first ever Synth Flea Market where dozens of vendors and manufacturers will be featuring and selling their gear.

Synth Fest will also feature the release of the beer, Synthesizer Showroom, a West Coast
IPA made in homage to the Buchla analog synthesizer.

Synth Fest Schedule:

Friday, March 1: 8pm – Midnight at Marz Taproom
Oui Ennui
Clock Club
Human Flood

Saturday March 2: 8pm – Midnigh t at at Marz Taproom
Suit & Tie Guy with visuals by Juggable Offense
AE Paterra/R Sullivan
Mr. 666
Baron Von Future

Sunday March 3: 1 – 6pm at Marz Taproom
Synth Flea Market

Wed March 6: 8pm at Life On Marz
Margarets’ Apartment
Todd Mattei

Thursday March 7: 8 – 11pm at Life On Marz
Ken Zawacki
Mike Broers

Friday, March 8: 8pm – Midnight at Marz Taproom
Synth Loaf
Bobby Conn
Hunter Husar

Saturday March 9 . 8pm – Midnight at Life On Marz
Senders Night feat:
Wolfgang Amadidas
Chris Kalis