Valentine’s Day Sideshow Freakout!

February 14, 2024

Looking for an incredible Valentine’s Day treat? Then join us for a spectacular evening of magic, sideshows and entertainment by our friends from Sideshow Gellato! Our Valentine’s Day Sideshow Freakout is on February 14th starting at 7pm

SEE The Golden Boy of the American Sideshow SANJULA VAMANA do amazing feats of stupidity! Will he break cinder blocks on his chest while lying on a bed of nails? Will he put a pound a nail into his head with a pie plate? Will he bowl a strike using nothing but a bowling ball and his earlobes?

SEE the adorable CASSIDY ROSE! Watch as she swallows a sword! Be astounded by her tripping deadly animal traps unscathed! Watch her escape from a straitjacket while standing on a bed of broken glass!

SEE , all the way from Italy, the astonishing magician ANDREA as he makes water disappear ABOVE YOUR HEAD! Probes the depths of your brain to READ YOUR THOUGHT! And makes the unbelievable happen right before your eyes!
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