Maud Passini is a graphic designer and illustrator from France, now based in Brooklyn.

After received a master’s degree in graphic design and illustration from ESAG Penninghen in Paris, she moved to New York City where she worked at the branding studio Franklyn for 4 years. In late 2018 she launched Maud Passini Studio to work directly with young brands and founders who are passionate about what they do. Her artistic approach to design has allowed her to create unique identities for both small and big companies, and she has worked in a vast array of disciplines, for clients such as Sotheby’s, Vanity Fair, Zocdoc, Conde Nast Traveler, MetLife, Walmart and more.

Favorite Beers

Marz Matcha Mochi
Threes Brewing Here Ya Go

Favorite Foods

Vegan cheesecake, anything mediterranean, and of course French crêpes. And tea.

Spirit Animals


Marz Designs

Ponge’s Suds
Lifestyle Beer
Zewski’s Brewski’s


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