Tess Havas

Designer and Illustrator, Brooklyn, NY

Tess Havas is a graphic designer and illustrator from Seattle, Washington. In 2018 she got her BFA from MICA, in Baltimore.

Now she works in New York City, and lives in Franklyn. When she isn’t working, she enjoys eating a lot of chocolate, taking photos of her cat and illustrating her favorite things, sometimes all at once.

Favorite Beers

All about the vino

Favorite Foods

Hearty pasta, steak, scallops, sushi, soba noodles, Indian buffet, any form of chocolate

Spirit Animal

A cat

Marz Designs

Cocktail Umbrellas
Funnel Cake Sundae
Hazy Poppins
Orange Sorbaze
Melon Sorbaze
Blueberry Sorbaze
Potion #2
Fjoggy Fjords
Noon on Marz
Paczki stouts

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